Nemo’s friends and family

I consider myself a friendly, out-going cat. I made a lot of friends when I was out and about on the streets. Now I live with only Susie and Mike with no other pet in the family. Even so, I still managed to make myself some friends!

Real Pals

We have three regular kitty visitors in our backyard. When they come visit my staff would crack open the door a little so we could meet in purrson. I consider these three girls my real pals. I call them the Three Amigos:

NinjaNinja—Ninja is my best friend. She started showing up in our garden since Pumpkin’s disappearance. She’s a petite thing, can’t weight more than my head. With all her fluff she looks like a decent-looking young girl. She has guts, though, and lots of it! She was the first one to run up to our deck and greet my staffs, first one to charged into our house uninvited, also the first one to climb up to the railing to peak into our house. When my staffs come home she’d shoot out of nowhere to block them from coming in. She’d meow and meow for some petting. She practically stalk us, I tell ya!

Lately she has taken the liberty to take a daily tour of our house. Funny thing is, I like her. I never show any hostility toward her. I would just follow and sniff. Don’t know what possesses her but every time she sees me she’d run for the door like a headless chicken!

Kikko — Another one of the “Three Amigos”. To be honest, I don’t know if Kikko is a he or she. The possibility of Kikko being a “he” is very high but I’m just gonna refer him as “she” until I’m proven wrong.

I don’t know what happened to this poor cat but she looks SOOOOO sad all the time! I call her “Sad Face”. She is a very beautiful cat as you can see and she has the fluffiest tail on the whole planet! Since I don’t know her gender I’m not gonna droll over her like I did with Pumpkin. *giggles* She may be able to fool others but she can’t fool me. She’s aggressive! She gets very aggressive when my staff plays with her. She even growled at me once while she was playing. If you think Ninja is crazy wait until you see Kikko!! She’s a nutcase I tell ya! I think my staff is trying to play with her to burn off her extra energy and teach her to be calm and gentle. GOOD LUCK is what I say.

Tigger on the deck

Tigger–Tigger is very young kitten. She doesn’t look small in the picture but she is tiny. She is one of the “Three Amigos”. A fearless little thing she is. Very curious and brave. She isn’t shy from humans but she doesn’t seek attention like Ninja and Kikko do. She realizes that she’s the youngest so she always let Ninja and Kikko have their ways when Susie plays with them. Susie thinks she is probably the most intelligent among the three. Just the other day she followed Susie to see the new calico cat in the back. She sat quietly next to her throughout the whole encounter like a loyal, well-trained dog. After a few months of interaction, I think she’s starting to see Susie as a real friend. She even does the “floppy flop” occasionally.

We think she has a lot of potential.

Window Pals

They say I’m sick so I have to stay home for the rest of my life, or at least until Susie finds a way to take me out. In order to keep me from getting sick, or making other cats sick, I’m not allowed to have real interaction with other cats (spitting is only allowed through something called “e-mails”). I do, however, have two cat friends who come to visit me from time to time through the windows and doors:


Jumpy–Jumpy is quite young. He’s a gray color, short-hair skinny cat. (For your information, anybody who’s thinner than me is skinny in my book.) He comes to our yards a few times a day everyday. A friendly little fellow, a little jumpy but funny. I’m sure he’s been in our house before ’cause I smelled him in the TV room the first day I moved in. He is also a quiet little fellow. He doesn’t talk to me much but I think he likes me. We’ve had some good conversations through the door.

Beautiful Prickly

Prickly–I must admit, she is a beaut! (humma humma) I’ve seen quite a few beauties in my free-roaming days but this one, I’m telling you, is YUMMY! Well, I’ fixed (in case you wonder) so watching her is like watching food TV for Susie–all we can do is drool. She’s got the whole package–the eyes, the body, the long blonde hair, and a feisty temper! Exactly the way I like them. She makes me lick myself (ON THE PAWS, you dirty-minded human) every time I see her. She comes to our yards a few times a day, too, but never together with Jumpy. Jumpy told me he won the stare-off last time so now she can only come over when he’s not around.

Update on April 24, 2008

About a few months ago, or maybe a year?, my staffs told me that Prickly’s real name is Pumpkin and nickname Squat. One day they found her in our yard, laying in the dirt crying for help. My staffs immediately called our neighbor lady. We suspected that Pumpkin ate something bad. She was weak but she kept meowing. The lady brought her home and, unfortunately, that was the last time we saw her. My staffs never asked the lady what happened to Pumpkin. She just disappeared from my life…

Catster Family

I have found 2 long-lost family members on Catster! Well, at least I THINK they are my family members since we look so much alike!

BusbeeMy long-lost brother Busbee— I don’t recall how we found each other on Catster. We totally look alike, except that Busbee has bigger white on his coat/tummy. He is also a 14 lb big guy. Other than the look, we also share one thing in common–we are both FIV positive. Busbee’s mom and Susie exchange e-mails often to discuss about our health. We are both on raw diet. Susie said she learned a lot from Busbee’s mom and she really appreciated it. Busbee and I belong to a Catster group called Terrific Tabbies. Busbee and Nemo He could be a trouble-maker too at the Tabby Hall sometimes. Just look at his picture above you’ll know what I mean. Way to go! My brother! (OK I admit, mostly he is nice and sweet.)

Busbee’s Catster ID: 211425


My long-lost son Harry — Awwww my heart just melts when I see Harry’s pictures. What a little precious thing he is! He’s only 8 months old. Look at him, he is ME! You can’t find two (unrelated) cats who look more alike than us! It seems that our personalities are quite similar, too. We are both not very curious and vocal, but we are friendly. I found him on Catster myself. I went ballistic when I saw his pictures. Harry also belongs to Terrific Tabbies but, unlike Busbee (and myself), he doesn’t cause any trouble at all. I’m soooo proud of him!.

Harry’s Catster ID: 249324

Catster Friends


I have to talk about Blade first because he is the biggest troublemaker (I bet he’s going to object) in Terrific Tabbies. Just look at his picture on the left. We are famous for our little squabbles in the group. It seems that our “conversations” always involve vomit, leather pants, and latex, which has recently been banned in the group. Just an example of how bad he is, here’s what he said about my post on March 26th:

“It doesn’t surprise me I N T H E S L I G H T E S T about your latest ‘crush’! Neno is a HE-no! Haven’t you grasped the fact that the Vancouver SPCA sussed you out long ago…. I mean “FABULOUS BOY” !!?? Come on!…you can’t get much more camp than that!
Blade : “how are you Nemo?”
Nemo : ” Faaaaaabulous Lovey!….”
Don’t give me that “no way, I’ve got 100 kits blah blah blah…” . Elton John was MARRIED!!! It’s nothing to be ashamed of you know! We are living in the noughties!!!
*blade rolling around the floor, crying with hysterical laughter*!”

I regret to say that he is one of my best buddies. What can I say? Double the trouble, double the fun!

*Update: March 30, 2006– Blade wanted me to add: “Blade is a very liberal and open-minded cat who has a ‘live and let live attitude.” oookey……

Blade’s Catster ID: 259868

Miss Muppet's photoMiss Muppet— Miss Muppet is one of the first cats I met on Catster. She answered Susie’s call for help about taking me on a trip. Apparently she is a traveling kitty herself! Miss Muppet is also the founder of Terrific Tabbies. As of today she has made 963 friends on Catster! A VERY popular kitty she is, also one of the sweetest, most respected. Because of her (and Oliver’s) effort, we now have 303 members in the Tabby group! Occasionally she would side with Blade and make fun of me. I don’t think it’s the real her, though. It must be the catnip that makes her snap from time to time.

Miss Muppet’s Catster ID: 122133

OliverOliver–Oliver is DA MAN in the Tabby group. He is also a very popular cat on Catster. He keeps all the trouble-maker tabbies, AKA Blade and Busbee (well, MAYBE myself too), in line when Miss Muppet isn’t around. He is my hero because he stood up for me when other tabbies were making fun of my unfortunate event of mistaken identity. He said, and I quote, “ Let’s face it – those Cheeks scream MR. Nemo. Best advice for doubters…Talk To The CHEEKS!” Now that’s a manly man talking! He is also very talented and full of ideas. He reads paws and, I must say, he is very good at it. OK, I admit, he is almost perfect. Just look at him!

Oliver’s Catster ID: 137100

Rainbow and Sunrise/SK –Rainbow and Sunrise are sisters. I met Rainbow first. I probably invited her to be friendsRainbow because I thought she had the cutest face and coolest eyebrow ever! Now Sunrise belongs to the Terrific Tabby group and we see each other at the Tabby Hall almost daily. She and another Tabby Tigga runs a Laboratory that makes potions for tabbies for a very reasonable price. Just today Tigga made me a potion for Blade. Whenever Blade thinks of pulling a trick on me he gets pinched on the cheeks. Isn’t that totally cool?Sunrise

Rainbow’s Catster ID: 271949 Sunrise/SK’s Catster ID: 271953

Milo–I’ve only known Milo for about a week but we became such good friends. The reason is that we are both “vomit-eaters”. Yes you heard it right. We vomit, we eat our own vomit, and we’re very proud of it! They call us The Upchuck Duo at the Tabby Hall now. Milo has had such difficulties in life. He was born missing a paw and he’s faced manyMilo health issues. But he still has a positive attitude towards life and manages to be a brat in the house. That’s what I love about him. Oh, and another reason why I like him–he’s also a 14 pounder. I have a tendency to make friends with kitties my size.

Milo’s Catster ID: 285179

Stripes–Stripes is one of the regular ladies in the Tabby Hall. She is a beautiful cat. So beautiful that she’s had a watercolour portrait of her made! The Big Cat (as in her staff) apparently thinks she’s got a chubby tummy and she needs to go on diet. That’s just ridiculous. Supermodels come in all sizes and shapes and Stripes is definitely a supermodel kitty. I heard that at one point even Oliver had a crush on her.

StripesStripes watercolor portrait
Stripes Catster ID: 276216Solo

Solo–Solo is such a creative kitty. Creative as in creating trouble in her house and writing mystery stores! She’s been writing a Tabby Hall Mystery with all the regular tabbies as characters. It’s an amazing story! It also seems that she and her sister Samantha just can’t stop making troubles for their mom. I like how she got her name, too–she was the only kitten in the litter. She came SOLO into the world. Solo is one cool lady!

Solo’s Catster ID: 225442

I’m trying my best to add information about my friends as quickly as possible. Unfortunately I’m a busy cat. I have to eat, play, and nap. Too many things to do, too little time! If you don’t see yourself here yet, don’t be upset with me. It doesn’t mean I like you any less. I will update as soon as I get a chance!

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