Nemo’s staff

So far I have two “co-workers” (It sounds better than “employees)–Susie and Mike. Following you will see my ratings for them, as well as their duties. First, let me explain about the ratings:

Activeness–0 being sleepy and 9 being very active
Intelligence–0 being silly and 9 being genius
Curiosity–0 being not curious and 9 being very curious
Friendliness–0 being timid and 9 being affectionate
Vocal–0 being not vocal and 9 being very vocal

I kind of “stole” this from “Kitty Complexion” on Catster. I don’t think it’s fair that humans get to rate us but we don’t get to rate them. So here it is:


Activeness–3 out of 9. Funny, he is always in front of a TV, either in the living room, the TV room downstairs, or the TV on the desk in the messy room.
Intelligence–9 out of 9. Unlike Susie, he doesn’t make me do things with those weird words like “Sit”, “Crate”, “Stay”, or “Down”. Wise man he is.
Curiosity–1 out of 9. He doesn’t look at me funny like Susie does.
Friendliness–8 out of 9. He is comfy and USUALLY very nice and calm, except when I bit him last time. He was MAAAAAD.
Vocal–3 out of 9. He is a man of few words. Sometimes I have the feeling that he shakes when Susie says: “We need to talk.”

Duties: Cleaning my poop poop box in the morning, playing with me occasionally, petting me, head-bunting me, providing laps/tummy to nap on for me, brushing me, building beds and furniture for me, discussing issues with Susie when she says: “We need to talk about Nemo.”, blocking me from running out of the door when “big people” come visit us….. and pretty much everything that involves wrestling with me, e.g. nail clipping, putting nasty stuff on my teeth, putting me on a harness…etc.


Activeness–12 out of 10. (What? The highest is 9? I’ll give her an 11 then)
Intelligence–6 out of 9. She can outsmart me sometimes. Don’t like it one bit.
Curiosity–9 out of 9. She is all over me. She can always find something wrong with my coat, my nose, my ears, my butt, my tail, or a body part that I didn’t even know existed!
Friendliness–Boy is she moody! Sometimes she’s AT LEAST a 9 but sometimes, like this morning, she is a -10.
Vocal–9 out of 9. The only time I see her mouth close is when she’s sleeping. (Wait a minute, not even when she’s sleeping! She makes weird sounds when she sleeps.)

Duties: Feeding me, playing with me, petting me, head bunting me, remembering my daily routine, cleaning my poop poop box, cleaning the litter off the floor after I’m done, searching for information on the cure for my FIV, doing physical examinations on me, training me, fixing my toys, making new toys for me, shopping for me, making decisions on what to feed me, learning about cat nutrition for my health, speaking Cat to me, walking me….and the list goes on and on and on….

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