23 Jun

Breakfast: 65g Non-medicated raw chicken with bones for dogs, 1 capsules PB8 Pro-Biotic Acidophilus For Life , 1 perle Wheat germ oil fortified
Morning play: 10 minutes. half-dead furry mouse on a fishing rod.

We’ve finally started working on Nemo’s “Outdoor vacation home”. Our plan is to make it removable for our pathetic Vancouver weather. It requires a lot of planning. We had to think about how long it’d take to assemble, the stability, and also the practicality. Finally Mike came up with a good design. All the panels are either removable or foldable. The whole structure collapses into 4 manageable pieces. They are attached together with small hooks. A door will be added to the side where the BBQ grill is so we have easy access. The whole enclosure will be covered with a multi-purpose outdoor net.

Nemo will be able to come in and out of his home from the window under the roof. Inside the house we’ll make a catwalk that leads to this window.

We figured if Nemo doesn’t like it or we change our mind about letting Nemo out we can always donate it to Katie’s Place Animal Shelter.

Outdoor vacation home project started

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