23 Jun

Is Nemo Spoiled?

He has 4 beds with fantastic views we only have one.

He eats human grade organic, grass-fed meats and wild sockeye salmon we eat generic brand hot dogs and MacDonald’s 2-can-dine meals.

His room is 500sqft ours is, oh, 200?

He has a deluxe combo of tent+tunnels+house and an outdoor (enclosed) vacation home which we’re building under his supervision we have a 3 person tent.

He gets a follow up phone call from his doctor after every visit we get scolded by our doctor’s receptionist for asking for an earlier appointment.

He has, oh, 1,500 photos taken in the past 2 1/2 years we have 1, for passport purpose.

We feel guilty when we don’t feed him on time but when we miss a meal or two we call it life.

We have read 20-30 books about his nutrition, behaviors, and emotions we think human self-help books is a scam.

He has a blog/website 100% dedicated to him and his life we have an e-mail address that is full of newsletters from Catster, Petsmo, and other cat blogs.

We watch videos about how to trim his nails properly we bite our nails instead of using a nail clipper.

Naah I wouldn’t say he is spoiled. We are honored to be of service to him.

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