05 Jun

Time Share

Intensive NemoThis time-share thing happening in our backyard is going out of control. First it was the 3 amigos. Now there’s this nameless yellow fellow that actually sprayed on our deck! The nerve of that dude!! The 3 amigos dutyly chase him away whenever they see him but they are certainly no match for him when they’re alone. Susie tries to tell the 3 amigos that they shouldn’t take him on, that only Nemo is capable of kicking his butt but Nemo is in a lock up. I’m glad she realizes that but shouldn’t she let the superhero out to save the world???? As a matter of fact, I know this dude. I know what he is after. I can just see it in his eyes. I used to be him when I was unsnipped wandering on the street. I hope he’ll stay away from the 3 amigos.

Just the other day I saw another unknown calico sitting at the entrance of our yard. What, are we all of a sudden a public park or something??? At least let me in on this time-share thing so I can prosper, too!

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