27 Apr

Breakfast: 56g raw wild salmon tip (without the tail), 1 capsules PB8 Pro-Biotic Acidophilus For Life , 1 perle Wheat germ oil fortified , 1 tablet Nu-Cat Senior
Morning play: 30 minutes. Green mouse on a fishing rod, Nemo’s crate, Bunker box.
Dinner: 65g Non-medicated raw chicken with bones for dogs.
Evening play : 10 minutes. Green mouse on a fishing rod.
Bedtime play: 18 minutes. Green mouse on a fishing rod, living room stairs, tissue paper box.
Supplements: Feline Immune System Support , 1 tablet Nu-Cat Senior .

We bought a bag of wild salmon tips from a raw pet food vendor in the Vancouver Farmer’s Market yesterday. It’s the first time I fed Nemo raw salmon with bones. In the past we’ve only given him salmon and tuna sashimi. I’ve always wanted to feed him a whole fish, especially the fish head. Salmon tail tip was the first step toward my goal. I put the salmon chunk on a kabob stick, the same way I fed him beef or chicken chunks. Nemo probably had very little fish/seafood in his life. He didn’t seem to like the salmon very much. By saying so, I mean he didn’t try to swallow the whole thing within 2 seconds. He was having trouble breaking the skin in the beginning and it frustrated him. He turned away twice but came back to the fish right away. It took him about 10-15 minutes to finish the chunk. I was surprised how hard he had to chew to break the fish and bones. I think this is a good alternative to chicken drumsticks.

Nemo was very active tonight. He initiated playing by attacking a home-made mouse in the living room and jumping on the stairs. I took the hint and took out his green mouse on a fishing rod. He went nuts. I think his desire to play indicated that he was hungry. After more than 2 years of being served meals after playtimes, he learned to associate playing and eating.

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