26 Apr

Breakfast: Approximately 100g beef chunks, 1 tablet Nu-Cat Senior
Morning play: 10 minutes. Green mouse on a fishing rod.
Dinner: 2 chicken necks, skin removed. 1 capsules PB8 Pro-Biotic Acidophilus For Life, 1 perle Wheat germ oil fortified, 1 tablet Nu-Cat Senior
Evening play : 18 minutes. Green mouse on a fishing rod, Nemo’s crate, Bunker box.
Supplements: Feline Immune System Support, Feline Hepatic Support Good-looking Nemo

Ninja ran into the house twice today. In the morning she went downstairs, where Nemo was. A few seconds later we saw her run out the door. Nemo was no where to be found. In the evening she came in the house again. This time Nemo followed and ran after her. He didn’t hiss or growl but he swatted at her. Ninja ran out the door right after that. Nemo didn’t seem to be upset or anything. I bet he was proud he made it clear that this was his domain.

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  1. Richard Trump Says:

    Sometimes my cats just doesn’t care

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