27 Feb

Second visit to Doc P.D.

Good pose

*Turns head 360 degrees and looks at the back of his neck* Have I been punctured by that acupuncture thing? Doesn’t look like it. There’s no water leaks nor little plugs.

I didn’t do the acupuncture and physio yesterday because Doc P D wanted to see first how I was doing on the second homeopathic remedy. They booked me for the torture next Tuesday.

Doc P D said I was actually doing a lot better than he first saw me 3 weeks ago. There are a few things that may not goFeb 27 07 Anatomy away for a long time, (or may never go away), e.g. the bumps on my neck, my dry skin/flakes, the discomfort in my liver/bladder area on the right side of the spine. We will now focus on releasing the tension and blockage around my neck/shoulder area. Hopefully the bumps and dry skin will slowly go away when the congestion is gone.

It was a very interesting session yesterday! Doc P D said because the physical signs of discomfort on my body are no longer very evident, now we really have to pay attention to my disposition. He asked Mike and Susie if there’s anything that they wanted to tell him, anything that stands out. They started by talking about me being very aggressive while Mike stepped on my tail the other day, to my spending a lot of time downstairs in the basement, to my dry skin, to Susie’s worry of me dying from FIV, to Susie’s fear for dead insects/animals and why she gets so emotional about my sponsor brothers getting sick (that wimp cried in Doc P D’s office!), to why they think I came to them in the first place. Doc P.D. said understanding these things could play a role in my treatment. He said that, believe it or not, according to statistics people who fear of losing their pets actually lose their pets more often! He said we all die, sooner or later. He said I would die once my purpose on the earth is fulfilled but I WOULD definitely be sticking around until then.

My beautiful profile Susie told Doc P D. that she felt I came to her for a reason, too. She feels her mission is to help FIV kitties any way she can. That’s why she made the website. She hopes that one day her documentation of one FIV kitty (me!) will help to find the cure. Doc P.D. took a short visit to my website. He said this was extraordinary. He will read what’s on my website and maybe together we can have an amazing journey. He also said that maybe I am here to teach Susie about the meaning of life and death since she has this horrible fear of the dead. You know what? That’s exactly what Susie has been thinking, too! She’s never had a pet before so she thinks that maybe having a health compromised cat as her first cat is a sign for her to face the fear.

The visit lasted 50 minutes. I totally lost interest when they started talking about Susie instead of me. I lied in my crate and looked at them with my very displeased eyes. It was dinner time and all they did was talk about Susie’s mental issues! We all knew she was mental already so what’s the big deal? I needed FOOD!

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