03 Feb

Interview with Busbee

BUSBEE: Hey Nemo, how’s it going?

NEMO: Hey Busbee. Went to the homeopath yesterday!

BUSBEE: How’d it go??

NEMO: It went really well. Dr. Peter Dobias is completely different from the previous one I went to. Cat day afternoonHe did SOOOOO much to me. He asked lots of questions and he did a thorough physical check on me. He poked me here and there for a long time until I got upset and hissed at him! Oh wait a minute, he continued to poked me even after I hissed at him.

BUSBEE: Did Susie talk to him about the reversing FIV thing?

NEMO: He said something interesting about FIV. He said that there’re so many stray cats out there but only about 11% has FIV. He said that we contracted FIV because our body/immune system were already compromised in some ways. Otherwise we should’ve been able to fight it off as many healthy, strong cats.

BUSBEE: Hmmmm. Mom has heard something similar about FeLV. That if a cat hasn’t contracted it by the time they are a year old, then their body has built up an immunity and they will not contract it. Not real sure how true that it, but I suppose it makes sense. That is also what they say about the Feline Herpes virus. That if a cat has a strong immune system, even if they are exposed to Herpes, they won’t get it. Sort of makes sense, don’t you think?

NEMO: It does make sense. Dr. Peter Dobias said the question we should ask is why I contracted FIV in the first place. My body must be somehow compromised in the first place so the virus successfully attacked me. We need to work on closing that door first.

BUSBEE: So is he going to change any of your treatments or anything??

NEMO: Oh yeah, TOTALLY. He prescribed supplements based on my individual needs. Feb 2 07 AnatomyApparently my neck area is congested. It’s significant because it’s one area where everything flows through in our bodies. That’s why I have those little harmless bumps. Apparently my liver/gall bladder and small intestine are also bothering me a bit. He said he couldn’t say for sure whether some of my problems were caused by FIV but they are consistent with FIV symptoms. He will first focus on getting the leftover vaccine out of my body, improve my liver and intestine functions, and then work on my neck. He wouldn’t say that reversing FIV was impossible but he said it “wasn’t supposed to happen”. We should focus on keeping me happy and healthy for as long as possible.

BUSBEE: Well, it was an interesting theory but it’s good to get answers from someone like him. I think he would have told Susie if he thought it was possible. So what kind of supplements are you getting for your issues, or did he mix up a remedy for you? Sounds like it was a really productive visit. How does Susie feel about it?

NEMO: He gave me quite a lot. Oh oh oh! I have to tell you! Dr. Peter Dobias doesn’t recommend taking DMG for the long term. The following isn’t necessary either because they’re already in the raw food we eat: vitamin E, B complex, and taurine. I’m now taking: Feline Hepatic Support, Feline Immune Support, Probiotic, Nu Cat for Seniors (a “multi” thing. I have FIV so I’m taking “for seniors”), wheat germ oil. He also gave me a remedy called Thuya something. It’s just a one-time thing, though. Keep in mind that these are specific for me. It may not suit your condition, Busbee.

BUSBEE: Understood! Though I would think the Feline Immune Support love a sunny daywould be something good for me to take. The Hepatic support, for your liver, right? Probiotic for digestion, helps heal digestive tract, too. What’s with the DMG?? And how long is considered ‘long term’?

NEMO: I’ve been taking DMG for about 9 months now. It’s definitely too long. It may be tough on my liver. I think he doesn’t recommend taking it in general. He said he tries to keep things simple. There are so many homeopathic theories out there. Yes, Feline Immune System support is good for you, too, I think. Dr. Peter Dobias said he remembered discussing with Dr.Liz about me many many months ago. He recommended it to her. That’s why I’ve been taking it.

BUSBEE: Great! Of course mom bought the BIG bottle of DMG last time…MOL! We’ll switch over to the Feline Immune System support. Does Susie order that on line or what? Mom’ll have to Google it.

NEMO: We get it from Dr. Peter Dobias. This is the one: http://www.standardprocess.com/vet_catalog_search.asp

BUSBEE: Awesome, thanks! Mom’s found a couple of places she can order. She ordered Standard Process Rena Food for Buster when he was first diagnosed with CRF.

NEMO: Another important message from Dr. Peter Dobias is that cats with different dispositions have different immune reactions. For example, a very calm cat has a very calm immune reaction. It’s important to learn my disposition so we know my immune system reacts.

BUSBEE: That’s interesting, too! I think that I’m a pretty calm cat, that’s what my mom says.

NEMO: Dr. Peter Dobias said I was: VERY, very calm, not afraid at all, curious, smarter than average cats, OPINIONATEDOn Mike shoulder (how dare he!) He said I’m friendly but I don’t like to be handled much. He also said that it’s obvious I love both Susie and Mike but I’m totally in tune with Mike. He could sense that we had the same kind of energy and…something channel…something. *Mike saying in the background: both sweet, calm, good looking* Oh! He also said I was VERY curious and smarter than average cats. I heard that in three weeks (next visit) I’ll do physio and acupuncture on my neck. I don’t know what they are but I’m not sure that I want to know!

Note: Busbee is my long-lost twin brother on Catster. He is also FIV+.

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  1. Joyce Says:

    Just wanted to warn you that Dr. Dobias is a money hungry wacko. Yes, I too thought he was wonderful and so different from the other vets. That’s how he draws you in. After our 3rd visit, I’ll never take my dog there again. Dr. Dobias contradicts himself from one visit to the other. He charges “referral fees” when no other vet would. I feel sorry for those who actually believe this nutcase. Hopefully you’ve found a better and more honest vet for your cat.


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