03 Dec

My sponsored brothers–Gordie and Porter

2 days ago Susie told me to pick a “sponsored brother” from a whole list of FIV+ kitties.Gordie photo Like I know what “sponsored brother” means! All I know was that she showed me lots of photos and told me the story of each cat. The story of these kitties are all too familiar to me because I used to be one of them! I picked Gordie because: 1. He’s also a cool looking tabby. 2. I heard that the whole time Susie was there he stared at her! Susie said before she met Gordie, the volunteers told her Gordie was one of the most affectionate kitties there. But this Gordie dude, he wouldn’t even say hi to Susie no matter how she sweet-talked him! I said to myself: “Tabby with an attitude! This dude is cool to the bones!” So now I’m the official sponsor of this cool dude Gordie.

Susie and Mike are sponsoring Porter because they said he was just a big “suckup”.Poter photo He came to Susie for petting and wouldn’t let her go! Apparently he’s also a funny character. He likes to play in the water bowl and makes this funny sound when being scratched on his butt. Susie said she didn’t remember exactly what sound he made but she thought it was “eeea eeea eeea!” or something. Funny dude he is!

If you live in the Greater Vancouver area, please check out these wonderful FIV+ kitties at Katie’s Place. If you live far, far way, please support your local shelters. Believe it or not, there are many many cool cats like me out there who could use a helping hand.

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