01 Aug

Canadian Rockies Day 5 – Walk in the woods

SquirrelI think I was starting to get the hang of this “new place” thing. Today we landed at a wooded place very similar to the spot yesterday. Similar, but not the same. This place had animals running around! The moment they took me out of the monster I saw this squirrel. It was quite a good looking thing with a good amount of meat on it. Too bad I wasn’t hungry. I figured that he had the advantage of knowing all the terrains there. It would be stupid of me to chase after him and get myself lost. So I let him go. I still think it was a smart move. I took Susie and Mike for a walk in the woods. I walked by some luscious looking grass on the way, stopped by to chew on one or two to supply myself with some much-needed fiber. I can actually say that it was a fun evening. So much fun that I wanted to go out again later at night but Susie wouldn’t let me. It was a decent day today. I hope I get to go out-and-about again tomorrow.

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