26 Mar


I’m depressed. This morning I woke up with a flash back of what happened yesterday. I was so shocked that everything was just a blur yesterday. Today reality finally hit, HARD–Jumpy and my “window girlfriend Neno” is actually the same cat!!!!!

How did I find out? (Well, I think the question should be: “How did I NOT find out sooner””¦..*sigh*)

Nemo and JumpyYesterday Jumpy visited me at the back door, as usual. He put his front paws on the door, trying to get in. I thought to myself: “hmmm, this behavior is somewhat familiar”¦”. But I didn’t think twice. Later on when Susie and Mike, and the “big people” were having dinner, where I usually meet my girlfriend “Neno”, “she” showed up by the window. One of the “big people” said: “Hey, it’s that gray cat again! Very persistent, isn’t he?” All of a sudden I heard thunders in my head–“HE”????? I froze. Susie said: “Is that the same cat???” “Big people” said: “Yeah! It’s the same one!” I turned around and took a VERY GOOD look at “Neno”, who had “her” front paws on the window, trying to get it”¦.. OH MY GOODNESS. It IS Jumpy!

I didn’t sleep well at all last night and I’m REALLY depressed now.

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