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23 Jun

Is Nemo Spoiled?

He has 4 beds with fantastic views we only have one. He eats human grade organic, grass-fed meats and wild sockeye salmon we eat generic brand hot dogs and MacDonald’s 2-can-dine meals. His room is 500sqft ours is, oh, 200? He has a deluxe combo of tent+tunnels+house and an outdoor (enclosed) vacation home which we’re […]

23 Jun

Breakfast: 65g Non-medicated raw chicken with bones for dogs, 1 capsules PB8 Pro-Biotic Acidophilus For Life , 1 perle Wheat germ oil fortified Morning play: 10 minutes. half-dead furry mouse on a fishing rod. We’ve finally started working on Nemo’s “Outdoor vacation home”. Our plan is to make it removable for our pathetic Vancouver weather. […]

05 Jun

Time Share

This time-share thing happening in our backyard is going out of control. First it was the 3 amigos. Now there’s this nameless yellow fellow that actually sprayed on our deck! The nerve of that dude!! The 3 amigos dutyly chase him away whenever they see him but they are certainly no match for him when […]