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31 Jul

Canadian Rockies Day 4 – My corner

I know I said I was going to be brave yesterday but it’s hard! This monster called RV was vicious and temperamental. Once minute it was OK the next minute it sided with Susie and Mike and started growling at me VERY loudly. When it was mad, the whole world shook. But I found a […]

30 Jul

Canadian Rockies Day 3 – New angle

OK, here’s what I thought: Since I couldn’t change the world, I better adjust myself so I would survive in this weird circumstance. At least Susie and Mike were still around. They were still the same. I figured the situation couldn’t be too bad if they were still calm. In the afternoon they put that […]

29 Jul

Canadian Rockies Day 2–Nightmares gone worse

I started to realize that my good days were over. I didn’t wake up in my own basket. Instead, it’s dark and full of weird smell. The only familiar sound was those weird snorting noise humans made when they were sleeping. But where were Mike and Susie? I know crying was not for man cat […]

28 Jul

Canadian Rockies Day 1–Simply nightmares

Have you had the nightmare where you were trapped in a strange place and the whole world just wouldn’t stop moving and screaming? Well I had, today, except that it wasn’t a nightmare. It was REAL! I didn’t know what I could do or go to make it stop. Susie and Mike kept saying “it’s […]

10 Jul

I’m Okay!

Psst… psst… over here… “Whisper” Susie and Mike left for work and the door to the computer room was open so I sneaked in. Just wanted to let you guys know that I’m still alive and doing quite well. (I hope my fangs are doing well, too, whereever they are. Haven’t seen them since we […]

16 May


I dono wah hafen to me toray. Suse an Mai too me to Da’r Lis in da morn’. Wen I wo uh in da afnoon I had ouchie erewere. I’m go’n to lie down now. Can harly tal.

06 May

Sticky island

It’s not that I want to tattletale on Mike and Susie. They really should clean the place more, especially where they prepare my food. I remember a few months back it was all sticky. Thanks to me and my endless effort to wipe with my paws, it was finally nice and smooth for a few […]

30 Apr

First window view

Last time I talked about my Purra Bora suite. Today I’ll show you my first ever suite with a window view. It’s not fancy but it’s cozy enough. This suite is located in the first floor/basement. Susie and Mike built this for me when I first came to live with them. They closed the door […]