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05 Jun

Time Share

This time-share thing happening in our backyard is going out of control. First it was the 3 amigos. Now there’s this nameless yellow fellow that actually sprayed on our deck! The nerve of that dude!! The 3 amigos dutyly chase him away whenever they see him but they are certainly no match for him when […]

27 Apr

Does it mean I’m famous now?

My videos are on YouTube. I heard lots and lots of humans spend hours watching videos broadcasted on that site. No kidding!! Within a day I got almost 100 views already! Wanna check out my YouTube channel?

24 Apr

Didn’t they say it’s almost May?

Then WHY is it still freaking cold???!!!! *stomps*

27 Feb

Second visit to Doc P.D.

*Turns head 360 degrees and looks at the back of his neck* Have I been punctured by that acupuncture thing? Doesn’t look like it. There’s no water leaks nor little plugs. I didn’t do the acupuncture and physio yesterday because Doc P D wanted to see first how I was doing on the second homeopathic […]

03 Feb

Interview with Busbee

BUSBEE: Hey Nemo, how’s it going? NEMO: Hey Busbee. Went to the homeopath yesterday! BUSBEE: How’d it go?? NEMO: It went really well. Dr. Peter Dobias is completely different from the previous one I went to. He did SOOOOO much to me. He asked lots of questions and he did a thorough physical check on […]

04 Dec

Happy Birthday/Anniversary!!!!

03 Dec

My sponsored brothers–Gordie and Porter

2 days ago Susie told me to pick a “sponsored brother” from a whole list of FIV+ kitties. Like I know what “sponsored brother” means! All I know was that she showed me lots of photos and told me the story of each cat. The story of these kitties are all too familiar to me […]

01 Aug

Canadian Rockies Day 5 – Walk in the woods

I think I was starting to get the hang of this “new place” thing. Today we landed at a wooded place very similar to the spot yesterday. Similar, but not the same. This place had animals running around! The moment they took me out of the monster I saw this squirrel. It was quite a […]